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Estes Park, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Denver, Vail, Aspen, Colorado Springs, Tapestry House, Ellis Ranch, Stanley Hotel, Embassy Suites, Fountains of Loveland, St. Michaels Event Center, Catholic Ceremonies, Coors Field, Mile High Stadium at Invesco Field, Marriot, Adams Mark Hotel, Westin, Raddison, The Ritz Carlton, The Broadmoore Hotel, The Wedding Deck Vail, The Ritz Carlton Vail, The Crags Lodge, Mary's Lake Lodge, YMCA of the Rockies, Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Canyon Inn, The Hilton, The Sheridan, Chateaux at Fox Meadows, Stone Manor, Cherokee Ranch and Castle, Lone Tree Golf Course, Arrowhead Golf Course, Colorado Convetion Center, Denver Museum of Natural Science, Denver Zoo, Greeley Country Club, Fort Collins Country Club, The Grant Humphries Museum, Butterfly Pavillion, The Park Mansion, Cheeseman Park, Elk Ridge, Castle Rock, and many many more! We have taped over 500 weddings and events in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska.

We have traveled to California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana video taping conferences and events.

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5 Steps to Hiring the Perfect Colorado Professional Videographer or Colorado Wedding Videographer for You! - Get A Beautiful Colorado Wedding Video!

1. Gather a few website addresses by searching online, going to a bridal show or searching in a magazine. Follow these pointers: Magazines: Looking in the video section of any Denver Wedding magazine, or Fort Collins Wedding magazine, or even a general Colorado Wedding magazine in your search for Colorado videographers, just jot down the website addresses. Bridal Shows: Do an internet search for “Colorado Bridal Shows” or “Fort Collins Bridal Shows” or for bridal shows in whatever major city your wedding location is near. Find a few good bridal shows to attend. At a bridal show, try to take a few minutes to stop at each vendor’s booth, especially the videographer booth as they will most likely be playing video samples on a T.V. or projector. Watch as much as you can there and ask some questions, too. (In fact, if you are going to a bridal show be sure to call us and ask us to send you a helpful article that we have created for you called “10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Professional Videographer”. We will send it to you for FREE!!) Knowing what questions to ask beforehand will be a tremendous help to you. Search on the internet: MSNsearch, Yahoo, and AllTheWeb are just a few examples of search engines that you can visit that will help you search for videographers. Good search phrases to use include: Colorado videographer, Colorado wedding videographer, Colorado video, Colorado wedding video Denver videographer Denver wedding videographer Denver video Denver wedding video, Fort Collins videographer Fort Collins wedding videographer, Fort Collins video, Fort Collins wedding video, Estes Park videographer Estes Park wedding videographer, Estes Park video, Estes Park wedding video, or wedding video in whatever major city is nearest to your wedding location.

2. Surf the net. Now that you have a list of websites that you want to visit, let your fingers do the walking. Surfing the internet for these videographers can save you time and money as you can narrow down your list by comparing these videographers according to what is on their websites. Get the Best In Colorado Video Production! Colorado Wedding Video Colorado Professional Videography - Colorado Professional Videographer Colorado Wedding Video - Denver Colorado Video Production Colorado Wedding Video Colorado Professional Videographer Colorado Video Production

3. Compare. But don’t compare solely on price! You will find many low end videographers in Colorado ($300 - $1000), but keep in mind what you see is what you get! So, make sure, as you compare you make your decisions equally based on 3 things: Video quality, price, and personal skills. Ok, the first 2 are obvious….you need to hire based on video skill and price, but “personal skills?” you ask. Why does a videographer need good personal skills? We’ll get into that in step 4. Colorado Wedding Video Colorado Professional Videography - Colorado Professional Videographer Colorado Wedding Video - Denver Colorado Video Production Colorado Wedding Video Colorado Professional Videographer Colorado Video Production

4. Call them. Now that you have narrowed down your list a little bit by visiting websites, you must call each and every videographer on your list. Why? Two reasons – Number 1, because you need to ask some questions (again, ask for us to send you a FREE list of questions to ask), ask if they are a Colorado professional videographer doing video production in colorado. For a Colorado wedding video make sure they are available on your day, and make sure they provide video services for Denver, Estes Park, Fort Collins, or wherever you have planned your wedding. Number 2, you want to take notes as you talk to them. A videographer will be with you throughout your day and will need to interact with you, your parents, and your guests, therefore a good disposition is vitally necessary. After you’ve talked to each one of them about your wedding day and video services that you want….

5. Visit them. Cross the bad ones off your list, and call the good ones to set up an appointment. At the appointment you want to, again gauge their personal skills. Are they confident without being pushy? Are they nice without being push-overs? At the appointment you also want to ask to see parts of a full DVD production. Bring a friend or relative with you who can handle the DVD remote while you take notes on things like: video/audio quality, and creativity in music videos. If, while you are meeting with a videographer, the company meets all of your standards, then you will want to book with them right away to secure your date.

If you plan early and follow these 5 steps, you will find it is well worth the effort because your final video will become a beautifully crafted family heirloom that you will be able to hand down from generation to generation.

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